Fundraising & Donations

In the UK, groups like ours can only function with private support.  If you’d consider making a donation — whether for our new short film GOOSED!, the CHORAL CHIHUAHUA podcast or to join as a Friend (see below) - we’d be very grateful.

To make a single donation, use the DONATE button below. If you prefer to send a cheque or make a bank transfer, email

If using the DONATE button below (paypal/credit card), once you have clicked on it, click on the drop-down list (currently showing 'General Donation' with an arrow next to it) and choose the option you want.


Friends & Patrons

We couldn't do it without the Friends!

People join to be kept in touch with what we do, to support our work and to have access to rehearsals. Our rates have stayed the same since 2006 but you're welcome to offer a little more if you want to.

There are four way to support us:

Under 30s

Suggested donation - £1 per year! 

£2 for joint membership!

Benefits: All as ‘Friends’ below.

You’re not 30 yet and of course you’ve got no money to waste on things like this - but you would like to hear about our projects and other Fagiolini-esque things and you do like a bit of one-to-a-part.  So give us a quid and it’s all yours.


Suggested donation - £30 per year 

£45 for joint membership


- Regular email updates from director, Robert Hollingworth

- Access to back recording and video catalogue

- Advance information about forthcoming concerts and projects

- Opportunities to attend rehearsals (and bring cake!)

- A chance to meet the performers

Any queries on any of this, just click this link and you’ll get a quick response.  However joining is easy and you can pay by debit or credit card.

The Friends of I Fagiolini is part of The I Fagiolini Charitable Trust

Registered charity number 1116635


Suggested donation - £100 per year 

£150 for joint membership

Some of our supporters donate larger sums, which is of 

immense benefit to the work we do. 


- All the above

- Attendance at any rehearsal

- A free CD or DVD every year, with access to rare titles

The Fabaelous Club

Donation £1,000 per year 

This very small group of donors wants to make a real difference to what we do in a world where public arts funding (and music education – don’t get us started) is diminishing.  Entry is somewhere around £1000 per annum and the benefits are so mysterious and wonderful that they cannot be writ.  You can sign up straightaway but if you want to have a chat to us first, simply email and we'll be round your house in an armed van within the hour.


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